Finding Peace: The Acceptance of Loss

caregiver loss acceptance

Loss is inevitable.

We give up things so we can grow. Childhood toys give way to the clothing and cars of adolescence. Which are eventually are replaced by the trappings of adulthood. We give up to get.

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If I Had It To Do Over Again


That childhood name for all of those things or situations we really wished had turned out differently. Somehow we never entirely give up on the concept, even though we intellectually come to understand other realities as we grow into adulthood.

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Lessons My Father Taught: Letting Go of Regret

father regret personal growth

“And all of the important papers… you know… the will and life insurance papers are in the oval table in the living room”, Dad reminded me for the third time that morning.

“I know Dad”, I said, trying to add a calming inflection to my voice.

“You’ve done a great job getting things ready. If I don’t know where something is, I’ll check with you after the surgery.”

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