A Sense of Humor Goes a Long Way in This Business

sense of humor caregiver

My friend makes me laugh.

She has her hands full in caring for her mother with Alzheimer’s. Neither of them is having an especially easy time of it (who does?) but they cope. She still finds the time to make me laugh. Continue reading “A Sense of Humor Goes a Long Way in This Business”


Growing Up With Disappointment

disappointment caregiver caregiving

When I was a child, the harshest admonition my father could ever invoke was that he was disappointed in me. No amount of threats, groundings, or other punishments could carry the weight of his disappointment.

He knew it too.

Like so many other things I carried into my adult life, disappointment has played a role. This time though, it was I who was disappointed in myself and I needed to get a handle on that.

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