If I Had It To Do Over Again

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childhood gamesDo-overs.

That childhood name for all of those things or situations we really wished had turned out differently. Somehow we never entirely give up on the concept, even though we intellectually come to understand other realities as we grow into adulthood.

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Lessons Learned: The Transformative Power of Caregiving

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aloneStepping into the role of caregiver changes you.

Who you are remains but it is refined and amplified in ways that tie you ever closer to people and Life around. You grow as a human being.

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When creating the title for this blog, I sat and opened myself to all kinds of ideas. This is both a practical as well as a personal journal, so I wanted words that didn’t fit easily into just a single interpretation, or ones that would be so broad as to not reveal some of the intent. Besides, I have come to appreciate the ambiguity that Life brings us everyday.

Anyway, the title could be a snippet of conversation between family members on any day. Full of import or nothing at all. The title can serve as a metaphor for some aspect of a relationship with a parent. Please take what you need and understand that all of your interpretations are good and of this moment. (More on this later.) This blog is here to spark recognition, not preach. I won’t have any of the answers to Life’s trials (or bore you with trivialities like what I had for breakfast!) but I will share what I have learned or found in this information age. Please take what you need and grow.