Growing Up With Disappointment

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When I was a child, the harshest admonition my father could ever invoke was that he was disappointed in me. No amount of threats, groundings, or other punishments could carry the weight of his disappointment.

He knew it too.

Like so many other things I carried into my adult life, disappointment has played a role. This time though, it was I who was disappointed in myself and I needed to get a handle on that.

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The Long Disconnect

Like many caregivers, I started losing Dad over a period of years prior to his passing. By the time he actually died, it was hard to feel grief. I had already grieved his leaving but the guilt over not feeling something was still very disconcerting. Like so many other feelings, this one just resolved over time. I think much of the healing was in finding out how common those emotions are among caregivers.

Anger, on the other hand, was not an emotion I had anticipated this long after his passing and I really had to work at resolving it. Continue reading “The Long Disconnect”