Finding Assisted Living That is A Good Fit

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One of the larger steps we face in caregiving is the decision to relocate our loved ones into Assisted Living. Just the idea of that change can be daunting but if it becomes the best next move, finding an Assisted Living facility is easier when you do it by the numbers. It will involve a lot of work but we are good at doing the work by now. Continue reading “Finding Assisted Living That is A Good Fit”


Durable Power of Attorney: One of the Greatest Caregiving Tools

Durable Power of Attorney

No matter how long you have been a caregiver, having a Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) from your loved one is one of the most powerful instruments in your bag of caregiving tools. This little piece of paper can mean the difference between getting needed care for the person you care for or (seemingly) endless hours arguing with Continue reading “Durable Power of Attorney: One of the Greatest Caregiving Tools”

Handling Healthcare Before It Handles You

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Medical care is invariable part and parcel of a caregiver’s life. And what a strange world is modern healthcare, right? You want to do right by the person you are caring for by making sure they are receiving appropriate care from their doctors and hospitals but you feel unqualified because your medical background is limited or nonexistent. Not to worry. You can handle this. Continue reading “Handling Healthcare Before It Handles You”